Who is Linda and what are sketchnotes?

Who’s Linda?
LindaSRI’m Linda Saukko-Rauta, a former language teacher living in Jyväskylä, Finland. I used to work as an e-learning designer at daytime but my hobby as a cartoonist,  sketchnoter and an entrepreneur turned out to be such fun that I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur.

What are sketchnotes?

I sit, I concentrate, I listen, I think about how things look like and draw a picture about that vision that I have in my head. And then I hope that I’m able to sum the whole idea up into a single sketchnote. So, a sketchnote is a result of how I see the presentation and how I experience the speaker’s message.

Out there in the wide world, other sketchnoters tend to use a pen and a moleskin notebook. I work with my iPad so that means my doodling can be projected real-time as I draw. The final results can be sent right away to the customer via e-mail as pdf files or as jpg images.

This is the place for my sketchnotes, visual notes, graphic recording and mind maps. Do you want to hire me for your event?

Contact me via: linda[a]redanredan.fi, www.redanredan.fi


  1. This is amazing… great job. Now that I see a sketchnote of the readings. I now have a better understanding. thank you. you are very creative ~Marcia Chan

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