#PINGHelsinki – From the sketchnoter’s point of view


So I was called to action as a sketchnoter to PING Helsinki, an event that is meant for content creators (bloggers, vloggers, Insta gurus etc.) and business people to share views, ideas and guidelines.

I remember how I myself started to create online content. It was back in the early years of Facebook as I wondered what else I could do with Facebook besides poke people and throw sheep at them. Instead, I started to draw cartoons about my mundane life as a Swedish teacher.

Things got out of hands (as they usually do) and now, some seven years after I started with the FB cartoons, I run a company of my own where I do sketchnoting, strategic illustrations and animated videos as an full-time entrepreneur. No more Swedish teaching for me but I still have a cartoon blog where I scribble my observations and wonderings as cartoon form. It’s mine, it’s all me and it’s real.

Great presentations

So I’m a content creator. But as a some what sarcastic cartoon blogger from the valley of marginal blogging, I didn’t quite fit in the PING Helsinki crowd filled with fashion and make-up bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and family bloggers – not to mention the Instagram and YouTube stars. That didn’t stop me how ever enjoying the great presentations by the keynote speakers Gerd Leonhard, Caterina Fake and Minna Salami. Could a robot do what I’m doing? Is this social peacocking? How to use the power that I have through my network in social media?

So I did what I was asked to do there: I did sketchnoting. You can see the final sketchnotes here in my blog or in the PING Helsinki Instagram and Twitter feed.

I missed out the final party because I had to hurry home to my boys after an intensive three-day tour, but hey, who knows, maybe next year?

My hand writing in an old-fashioned way.

Details from the sketchnotes. Details that I like. 

Still using a regular Bamboo Solo as a stylus pen. pinghelsinki


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