Piirrosmuistiinpanot PING Helsingistä – All the #PINGHelsinki #Sketchnotes

Hi, I’m Linda. I did the sketchnoting at the PING Helsinki event. Here are the visual notes: 

All the routine work will be done by robots, said futurist Gerd Leonhard.

The discussion battle that put the different types of content around the same table.

More humanity and less fear of missing out. Caterina Fake‘s keynote made an impact.

Minna Salami kept looking at my sketchnoting process thought her presentation as it was projected real-time. Despite my not-so-gentle line she told touching stories about her past. Incredible woman, that Minna!

Want to know more about the actual sketchnoting? Read my blog post and check out how I experienced PING Helsinki. 



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