It’s Sketchnoting Time – Again! #NBForum2015

Visual note taking is becoming more and more popular these days. Visual notes (or sketchnotes as they’re also called) summarise the core messages of different kind of presentations, workshops and meetings. Sketchnotes can be done real-time on the spot, from the distance via live stream or later on based on e.g. written material.

There are visual thinkers who do graphic facilitation with a more traditional method by using a pen and a huge paper pinned to the wall. There are also people who like to doodle their notes in a notebook. And then there’s me: a sketchnoter who is totally digital and works with her iPad.

Photo 30.9.2015 15.55.30

Channel Linda!

When it comes to work, I like challenging myself. It’s nice to invent something new and experiment with gadgets. This year I’m again covering the Nordic Business Forum, one of the biggest business seminars in Europe. As before, I will be working with my iPad. This year we’re adding a new feature: my iPad will be connected to the Nordic Business Forum live stream – all the time. That means that the live stream viewers have an opportunity to choose sketchnoting channel and see the magic happen in real-time.

So if you’re watching the live stream, join “Channel Linda” for the next two days and see me draw..! 🙂

The sketchnotes that I create will be shared on NBForum’s social media channels, so stay tuned and check for updates e.g. at the Nordic Business Forum Blog. In the same place you’ll also find the sketchnotes from last year’s event.

And if you want to comment on my work, you’ll find me on Twitter as @saurau.

Wish me luck! 🙂

Photo 30.9.2015 17.56.42

Modern day sketchnoting tools

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